Welcome to the Cairns Dart Association website

As a club we endeavour to cater for all levels of dart players from those that just want to have a throw and socialise to those that want to develop their skills and for those that wish to compete at the highest level they possibly can.

We have our local weekly club competitions but we also participate in the zone six competition which is part of the Queensland Darts Association, players are then selected to play for Queensland and then participate in the Australian championships. At this level there are then opportunities to play overseas which has happened in the past with some very good results.

But we realise that our future lies with our juniors and this will become a very important part of our development.

There has been a lot of positive publicity recently with the televised PDC on Foxtel and events like having Kyle Anderson come to visit us and having an opportunity to see him in action and also to play against him.

We are hoping for more of these events in the future.

Cairns Darts is a mixed club with competitions on Monday night a singles round robin competition drawn at random. Wednesday night is a team format with teams of four playing all the other teams at this stage, so that a grading can take place later in the season.

For prospective players Monday night is an easy way to start straight away with games being singles (501 straight start double finish) with no commitment to play every week.

Wednesday night being teams of four each does however require a commitment each week and a team with a vacancy so timing is important to join a team or start a new team.

  • Games commence 7:30 pm
  • Registration is $50 per annum
  • Weekly game fees are $7 per night
  • Drinks are available at reduced prices and supper is provided.
  • Dress code: closed in shoes (for obvious safety reasons)
  • Collared shirt. No caps or hats
  • Visitors are welcome at any time.